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(with White Rice)

  • S1.Seafood Delight14.25Jumbo shrimp,scallops lobster meat crabmeat sauteed w. mixed vegetable in white sauce
  • S2.Happy Family13.25Lobster shrimp,scallops,chicken,beef roast pork w. mixed vegetable in brown sauce.
  • S3.Four Season12.45Jumbo shrimp,chicken,beef and roast pork w. assorted vegetable in brown sauce
  • S4.Dragon & Phoenix12.45Shrimp with mixed veg. on one side & crispy chicken in brown sauce on the other side
  • S5.Triple Delight12.25Jumbo shrimp,beef,chicken & mix vegetables with brown sauce
  • S6.Seafood w. Pan Fried Noodles14.25Jumbo shrimp,scallop,lobster,crab meat & mix vegetables w. white sauce.pan fried noodles on the bottom.
  • S7.Cantonese Pan Fried Noodles11.45Pork,chicken,shrimp & mix vegetables with brown sauce & pan fried noodles on the bottom.
  • S8.Chicken In Two Style11.45chicken in white sauce on the side and crispy chicken in spicy brown sauce with broccoli on the other sice.
  • S9.Kung Po Double Delight11.45Diced chicken and shrimp with celery,carrot,bamboo shoots,baby corn,mushroom in spicy sauce with peanuts.
  • S10.Triple In Garlic Sauce12.25Shrimp,beef,chicken w. broccoli,green pepper,carrot,bamboo shoots & waterchestnuts.
  • S11.Shrimp & Scallop w. Garlic Sauce13.05Jumbo shrimp & sea scallop w. broccoli,green pepper,carrot,waterchestnuts & bamboo & garlic sauce.
  • S12.Triple Hunan12.25Beef,chicken,shrimp w. assorted vegetable in chef‘s special spicy sauce.
  • S13.Capital Chicken11.00White meat chicken w. green pepper,waterchestnuts straw mushroom,baby corn and broccoli in special sauce.
  • S14.Boneless Chicken11.50
  • S15.Lemon Chicken11.50

Hot & Spicy

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